My wordlist now shared

Alright everyone, the time has come for me to finally get off my lazy @$$ and share my wordlist. Now, the main thing with this wordlist is it is a mixture of a ton of wordlists. For example, it’s including @g0tmi1k‘s 18in1, @purehate_‘s old wordlist, @tekdefense‘s random honeypot dump he gave me, @defusesec‘s 15gb wordlist that was recently released, etc. Along with those wordlists it includes TONS of dumps from @cyber_war_news‘ two sites and dumps I’ve posted along with connection to his dump site leaks-db.

I can’t thank the community and people I interact with daily enough for all the support they’ve given and teaching. This is my way of giving back.

MY WORDLIST    —–   15.4gb tar-gz. Actual size is 69.3gb so you’re aware!   <—–(EDITED TO BE A TORRENT)

Now, along with that the fun part…since everything I give you seems to be broken in some manner, there is a lot of the wordlists that probably need to be cut out and fixed. There are (I’m sure) hashes in this that don’t need to be there and possibly duplicate words/phrases BUT I’ve done my best to take care of that.

Mid post writing update: While uploading the file last week, @bwallhatestwits wrote a little python script to remove invalid characters. This did wonders and has made it the size it currently is.

Anything else people come up with don’t hesitate to contact me on the twatters! Much love and awkward hugs to everyone in the community!!!


10 responses to “My wordlist now shared

  1. Anyone have issues untarring these files from the torrent? It seems like a loop of gz and tar files for me.

  2. The link seems to be dead. Can you post a magnet link or re-upload the torrent? I would very much appreciate it!

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