Sharing the pot and asking for help!

So I’ve taken the advice of @hacktalkblog (again) and decided to throw all of my .pot files that I have acquired together based off of hash type. Essentially, all the MD5s in one, Sha1s in one, etc.

I’ve decided to share the .pots I have, which are only MD5 and Sha1s right now, and also throw everyone who wants it a list of MD5s that I have yet been able to crack. I got the idea of sharing my .pot files from @bwall because of the hash cracking competition he is running at his site. If you decide to download it than please get back to me with what you can crack.





Here is the list of hashes I haven’t been able to crack yet. It contains multiple dumps including:

7poker,,,,, eharmony, euload, exonmobil,, g4spass, some random ones from iran,, militarysingles, nvidia, and

About 99% of those dumps have been collected from @cwn.

One more note that comes to mind before I end this post, if you would like to share your .pot or your dictionaries, let me know and I will host the link on this post as well. I would also like a copy of whatever you can give for .pot files too.


UPDATE: Thanks to @jmgosney & @coolacid for their help, I’ve been able to get about 400k more of those hashes cracked. Both the md5.pot and hashes-md5.txt file have been updated accordingly.


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